Swtor CZ-198 Empire Daily Quests Guide

The new questing area called introduced in Patch 2.3 in Star Wars The Old Republic is has the catchy name of CZ-198 and this is where you will find the new daily imperial missions. There is a mission terminal where you there will be five missions offered to you. Four of the missions are daily quests while the fifth one is a weekly quest that requires you to do the four dailies plus two falshpoints.

The quickest way to get to this new area is to go to your personal starship and access the flight panel and select the Unknown regions where you will see the new CZ-198 travel location.

CZ-198 Empire Daily Missions

Swtor CZ-198 Daily Empire Quests

There are four imperial missions available each day. Each quest rewards you with 2 Basic Commendations and 8730 credits which amounts to a total of eight basic commendations which you can get in one day, without counting the weekly mission.

As with every new patch there is also new faction reputation rewards. For the Empire the new reputation are the Ordnance Acquisition Corps. You can increase your standing by using the CZ-198 Lab reports that you get from the new dailies, one per each mission.

Staff Cuts 

Swtor CZ-198 Daily Empire Quest Staff Cuts

In this mission you have to kill 35 Czerka forces. You will get the kills just by doing all the other dailies if there aren’t too many other players at the same time. If you do it in a group it will be faster.

Droid Demolition

Swtor CZ-198 Daily Empire Quest Droid Demolition

In this mission you will have to blow up 5 containers. The bad news is that there are only 5 containers in the area and if it is too crowded you will have to wait your turn. The good news is that each container has 2 buttons that you can press and count as 2 destroyed containers. So technicaly you just have to find 3 of them.

What’s Yours is Mine

Swtor CZ-198 Daily Empire Quest Whats Yours Is Mine

Here you have to collect 8 Biotoxin Containers and Destroy 8 Kolto Containers. The first ones can be found in the lower level, while the Kolto Caontainers are on the first level. Both of them glow blue so you will see them easily.

Anti-Toxin Acquisition

Swtor CZ-198 Daily Empire Quest Anti-Toxin Acquisition

This is the most tedious mission of the four where you will first need to deactivate the force field, by attacking a large pipe over it. Then you will have to repair the Power Junction Box, activate the flow controls, acquire Anti-Venom, kill Project DS-5 and re-acquire the anti venom. When facing  DS-5  kill the tentacles that spawn and be careful to avoid the red circles and the machines slam that can hurt you intensely.

CZ-198 Empire Weekly Mission Czerka Dissolution

Swtor CZ-198 Weekly Empire Quest Czerka Dissolution

For completing this weekly mission you will get 20 Basic Commendations12 Elite Commendations, Artifact Gear Container and 15714 credits.Your reputation reward will be  1 Vigilant System Datafile which is a purple reputation reward. you need to do the 4 dailies and the Czerka flashpoints Core Meltdown and Coraporate Labs on story or hardmode.

Bes sure to do the missions every day as there are some nice reputation rewards for you. Check out this walk trough for all the quest: