SWTOR Game Update 1.3 Daily Quests

Patch 1.3 for Star Wars The Old Republic has brought a lot of new features that will positively affect your character in leveling and doing daily missions.

Probably the best new feature is the Group Finder Tool that allows you to find groups for Flashpoints, Operations, Heroic and Normal quests. From now on you can find groups for doing all the Normal daily missions and the Heroic daily missions.

Swtor 1.3 Group Finder Tool

The LFG tool along with the free server transfers has made it so that you can find a group to do daily quests in no time. You just have to select your role (Damage, Heal, Tank) and then select your destination. If you keep the default selections you will receive bonus rewards the first time each day you complete a random Flashpoint or Hard Mode Flashpoint, or complete a Story Mode Operation.

As a level 50 player you can choose specific daily mission, operation or flashpoint from the following:

Story Mode Operations (8 players)
- Eternity Vault
– Karagga’s Palace
– Denova

Hard Mode Flashpoints (Tier 1)
- Lost Island

Hard Mode Flashpoints (Tier 2)
- The Balck Talon
– Boarding Party
– The Foundry
– Directive 7
– The Battle Of Ilum
– The False Emperor
– Kaon Under Siege

- The Red Reaper
– Directive 7
– The Battle Of Ilum
– The False Emperor
– Kaon Under Siege
– Lost Island

Planetary Destination
- Corellia
– Ilum
– Hoth (Bonus Series)
– Belsavis (Daily)
– Corellia: The Balck Hole (Daily)

Game Update 1.3 has also brought new legacy bonuses as Character Perks. There are Advancement, Companion, Travel and Convenience perks. Advancement perks are for leveling alts and companion perks are for companion efficiency and affection.

1.3 Legacy Character Perks

Level 50 players will mostly use the convenience and travel perks that will can be very useful in-game like summoning a repair or mail droid.

So the servers truly alive with lots of players to group with and lots of stuff to do. For a complete guide on all the quests and 1.3 updates check out This Updated for 1.3 Guide where you will find a lot more information.

May the force be with you!